Banana Value Addition

Banana Value Addition

Banana is an excellent source of raw materials for various industries such as: packaging, bio-fuels, textile, pharmaceuticals, confectionery, agro-inputs, winery, and distillery.
It’s a food security crop that grows throughout the year and generates a lot of biomass as it is being grown for the fruit, leaving the pseudostem, male bud, peels and leaves in the garden to rot away as manure.
The pseudostem is chopped into smaller pieces to easily rot away which makes this process very labor intensive and time consuming.

Better yet, all this has industrial potential which will increase the economic benefits of banana and address the high cost of urban waste management presented by banana waste.
Recognizing the commercial value of banana will to spur a range of industries servicing various sectors of the economy. Such industries include already established products at local and international market as well as potential substitutes to existing products.

Banana has various products that can be derived from value addition that have great economic potential. These include:-

Banana Part

Potential Product

Market Segment


Resistant starch, Banana flour, Banana wine, Liquor, Puree, crisps, Juice, noodles, Vinegar, Ice cream, Figs, jam, Soups, sweetener etc

Pharmaceutical, food supplements, confectionery, food & beverage, snack foods, food preservations, etc


Fuit Peel

Bioplastics, Feeds, Briquettes, Adhesive gum, Ash etc

Bio-mulching film, Livestock, Eco-friendly Energy, Construction Engineering – e.g., leaky pipes, fertilizer etc


Dyes, Crockery (Disposable plates, spoons), Fragrances, Writing paper, boxes & envelopes, Biodegradable plastics, Flavours etc

Textile, kitchen ware, Beauty, Paper industry, Packaging, Food, Pharmaceutical etc

Pseudostems - Fibre

Woven carpets, ropes, rugs, furniture, hair extensions, insulation materials, paper (tissue, boards, packaging, tea bags, currency notes), animal feeds from the fibre extraction residue, textiles: yarn, floor tiles reinforcements, Substrate for mushroom production etc

Interior design, Fashion, Beauty, Construction, Paper industry, Livestock, Textile, Agribusiness, Tyre industry, Hygiene, Art etc

Male buds

Dyes (food, textiles, medicines, etc) Sauce/soup, vegetable ,Health drink

Food, Pharmaceutical, Vegan Food


Ethanol, Banana refuse to generate electricity, Methane, Methanol

Bio-energy, Methane, Beverage, industrial solvent

The industrialized banana sector will result in full utilization of the banana plant (corm, pseudo stem, fruit and leaves) as opposed to current use of the fruit alone. Consequently, the monetary value accruing from a banana plant will increase and so will the returns on investment in banana production.
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