Our Research Partnerships and collaborations

The National Banana Research Program (NBRP) has a number of partnerships that support different projects carried out by the program.
Some of these partnerships are with the following organisations and institutions:
 Tanzania Agriculture Research Institute (TARI)

 Tanzania Agriculture Research Institute (TARI)

NARO with other partners have been working together with the Tanzania Agriculture Research Institute (TARI) in streamlining the conventional breeding of banana in Tanzania.

The Banana program through its Agronomy and breeding projects, have been aiming at increased banana productivity in project target sites in Tanzania and to further improve intensification of the banana cropping systems. The target sites in Tanzania are located in Izimbya, Lake zone-Tanzania. 

Bioversity International

Bioversity International

NARO and Bioversity International work together on collaborative research under the biotechnology and agronomy projects.  Under the agronomy project, Bioversity International spearheads the monitoring of the project.

Bioversity International is a global research-for-development organization that delivers scientific evidence, management practices and policy options to use and safeguard agricultural biodiversity to attain global food and nutrition security, working with partners in low-income countries in different regions

In 2019, Bioversity International joined with the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (as the Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT) to deliver research-based solutions that harness agricultural biodiversity and sustainably transform food systems to improve people’s lives.

 International Centre for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT)

 International Centre for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT)

CIAT is a not-for-profit agricultural research organisation that focuses on scientific solutions to hunger in the tropics. They believe eco-efficient agriculture—developing sustainable methods of food production—is the best way to eradicate hunger and improve livelihoods in the region.  It  works in collaboration with hundreds of partners to help developing countries make farming more competitive, profitable, and resilient through smarter, more sustainable natural resource management.

NARO and CIAT work together on collaborative research under the biotechnology research. 

Centre for Agriculture and Bioscience International (CABI)

Centre for Agriculture and Bioscience International (CABI)

CABI is a not-for-profit inter-governmental development and information organisation focusing primarily on agricultural and environmental issues in the developing world, and the creation, curation and dissemination of scientific knowledge.

The Banana Program has worked with CABI under the agronomy project to increasing banana productivity with private and public scaling partners and support farmers to bridge the yield gap to at least 25 metric tonnes per hectare per year.

The Agronomy project, CABI International leads the development of communication tools, with its long experience of working with scaling agencies in East African region. 

National Banana Research Program (NBRP) is a program under the National Agricultural Research Laboratories (NARL) with mandate to develop and promote technologies for enhancing the contribution of banana value chains for food security & Agro - Industrialisation.
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